Design Notes posted on 15 Jan 2016 09:14 by mantonmanton

I've created a new category for keeping some design notes, and the first entry is on using a ESP8266 WiFi module in AP mode to control an LED. (read more…)

Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2015 posted on 13 Sep 2015 04:29 by mantonmanton

I'm at the Calgary Mini Maker Faire this weekend exhibiting my FPDX1 version of the open source FirePick Delta pick and place machine. If you are in the area, come on down, and see some cool stuff at the Telus Spark. (read more…)

Maker Faire Calgary 2013 posted on 16 Sep 2013 19:21 by mantonmanton

I was at the Mini Maker Faire in Calgary this weekend exhibiting a Mendelmax V1.5 3D Printer that I built. Many thanks to all of the visitors, makers, and organizers that made this such a great weekend!! (read more…)

Halloween Laser Show posted on 01 Nov 2010 18:05 by mantonmanton

I put on a small laser show for Halloween for the kids that came to my door. You can find some videos of it at the Laser Light Communications site. (read more…)

SparkFun Free Day posted on 07 Jan 2010 18:05 by mantonmanton

SparkFun, one of the best electronics hobbyist online retailers, hosted their Free Day today. They gave away $100,000 US in merchandise with each person receiving a maximum of $100. I tried to participate and claim some merchandise, but after 2 hours, it was all gone. (read more…)

Welcome Foreign Visitors posted on 15 Nov 2009 23:18 by mantonmanton

Since this site seems to get a fair number of foreign visitors, I added the Google translate gadget to the sidebar. Now you can see this site in any language you like. (read more…)

Seeed Studio Sale posted on 01 Oct 2009 09:07 by mantonmanton

Seeed Studio is having a 12% off sale until October 6th. There is still one last BLDC Motor Driver PCB which is selling for $5.72. Get it while it lasts… (read more…)

Altium Designer posted on 01 Oct 2009 08:53 by mantonmanton

I picked up a full suite of Altium Designer today, as I was offered a deal that was too good to pass up. They recently lowered the pricing of their products, so that even the full price is actually quite reasonable, especially when one considers the extensive feature set. (read more…)

Google Ads posted on 27 Sep 2009 05:57 by mantonmanton

A couple of days ago, I enabled Google Ads on this site. This site and these projects takes a fair amount of work, so I thought it might be a worthwhile experiment to see if displaying ads could be a small source of revenue to help pay for some of my time. I am not a fan of ads generally, so I don't show the ads if you are a member of my site or of wikidot. Now you have another reason to sign up with wikidot, or on my site… no ads! (read more…)

Nokia 7110 LCD Display posted on 25 Sep 2009 00:24 by mantonmanton

I recently purchased a number of Nokia 7110 LCD graphics displays on e-bay. Mine came from seller exdwh, but they are also available from other e-stores, and sellers as well. (read more…)

First Entry posted on 18 Sep 2009 03:13 by mantonmanton

This is the first entry of my new blog. This will be the place I write a few notes about things I am thinking about, or working on. (read more…)

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