Nokia 7110 LCD Display

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I recently purchased a number of Nokia 7110 LCD graphics displays on e-bay. Mine came from seller exdwh, but they are also available from other e-stores, and sellers as well.

These are very inexpensive 96x65 pixel graphics displays, that use a Seiko/Epson SED1565 controller which supports an SPI interface. The biggest difficulty with them however, is that they use a non-standard connector. The connector appears to have spring loaded pins, so it is possible that it may have been clamped to the PCB directly. A small breakout board that supports this mounting method would be quite simple to design, so since I would like to use these in another project, I plan to work on this over the next couple of days. I'll have Seeed Studio manufacture the PCBs, and I'll make it an open hardware design, so the extras from the run will be available for purchase on their site.

When there is some additional information to share, I will create a project page, so keep checking back for further progress.

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