BLDC Motor Driver
Unpopulated PCB


This is a three phase brushless motor driver board based on the ST L6234PD driver IC. It consists of 3 high power half-bridges that can output up to 5A peak, or 4A continuous (depending on heatsink). It has been designed with a large copper ground plane on the bottom that functions as a heatsink. If the driver IC heatsinking requirements can not be met by the copper layer alone, the bottom of the board could also be fastened to an external heatsink. There is circuitry on board to amplify the winding current, and for sensing the back EMF voltage to assist in commutation.

This driver does not work standalone, and requires a microcontroller to read the 3 back EMF inputs, output 3 PWM signals, and output 3 enable signals, in the proper sequence to make the motor run.



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